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Sales Services and Repairs for all Brands of Electric Motors, Generators

Sales and Services for new and Rebuilt.
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In house and on-site services available.


Sales Services and Repairs for all Brands of Air Compressor Systems.

Sales and Services for new and Rebuilt.
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In house and on-site services available.

Custom Leasing Options Available

Lease agreements are worked out with each customers system requirements, not just the product, but the entire initial cost of the product system.

Call today to see how we can work together on financing. P: (800) 226 0362

Our Services

Electrical In-House Service

  • Complete motor rewind and reconditioning services up to 600 hp motors, 350 Kw generators, with 4 motor winders on staff, and 24 hour turnaround services available.
  • Digital surge testing to examine insulation integrity of motor and generator windings.
  • 5000 lb. precision balancer, used on every rebuild to ensure balance of motor systems with virtually no vibration during motor operation, we also balance fans, pulleys, and impellers.
  • Largest Burn-off insulation oven in the area, capable of multiple motor loads, and other uses.
  • Electric panel building, specializing in variable frequency drive and soft-start systems.
  • Variable Frequency Drive repair and custom programming for various applications.
  • 575 Kw generator load bank to test full capacity of electrical power generators.
  • Custom fabrication of electric motor mounting and controls for any installation.
  • In-house consulting and computer design services for electric motor system upgrades.
  • Motor Maintenance Plan and Variable frequency drive and control in-house seminars.
  • Complete small engine and portable heater repair services, with a full stock of parts on hand.
  • UL508 panel building services.

On-Site Service

Energy Efficiency Audits

We meet with you at your facility and do a walk through of your current operating systems. We leave a data logger on-site to gather an energy profile. This will record energy usage during a normal work week. We gather the information from the data logger, and find points of high energy usage times.

We then assemble a report of all findings and meet again on-site to discuss how to move forward with an energy use improvement plan. All recommended upgrades will have a cost benefit analysis showing the reduction in energy use, and return on investment projections

Energy System Design Consulting

If you are designing a new air compressor system or electric motor driven system, our team has designed many different and complex systems. We assign you a project manager, who will develop and design a plan with efficiency and reliability being the main focus.

A computer generated system design plan is put together with a step by step implementation time line. This entire system design is developed with the customer overseeing the entire process and making changes and improvements where needed.

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Programs

Our agreements are developed within your guidelines. Our service team comes to your facility and works with your team to develop a customized plan that will help maintain your critical operations.

Maintenance programs are scheduled and developed to meet your specific requirements.

Services include: Scheduled maintenance on generator systems, on-site fan system vibration analysis and balancing. Bearing integrity analysis, precision shaft alignment, cleaning and greasing of all electric motors, starting mechanisms, and switchgear.

Air Compressor In-House Service

  • No other air compressor service facility in the tri-state area has a motor repair facility located in the same building. We have 4 motor winders on staff, 4 service bays, and a 5000 sq. foot warehouse for added service space. This gives our customers faster turnarounds on repairs to get their systems on-line faster.
  • Complete repair services of all sizes of portable and stationary air compressors and vacuum systems up to 500 hp.
  • Fabrication shop for customized mounting for system installation requirements.
  • UL508 Panel building shop to customize air compressor controls for any size compressor system.
  • Extensive parts stock of all makes and models of air compressors, air dryers, and accessories.
  • We offer a complete oil analysis service, and keep records of oil integrity to trend air end integrity.
  • We offer computer generated maps of your air system to see your current and future air usage.
  • In-house air efficiency seminars to learn new air system technology, techniques, and new products.
  • Our trained staff has years of experience in working with air compressor systems, and will work with you to get your compressor systems up and running.

Air Compressor On-Site Service

Air audits are important to your facility’s operation and profitability.

Air Audit / Phase 1

Our air audit technicians meet with you at your facility and start with a walk through of the compressor system to identify air usages. We then perform a leak detection audit identifying and labeling leaks.

We take the data to our facility and build a computer generated map of your system. We then meet with you after the leak detection audit and discuss problem areas.

A report is provided showing system usage, and suggested actions.

Air Audit / Phase 2

We perform a phase 1 audit, and install recording equipment that monitors and records air system pressure, flow, and power consumption during a regular work week.

We meet with your staff to present the map of the current air system and discuss possible changes. We generate a map of future air usage.

Finally, we meet and offer our suggestions along with return on investment and other possible incentives for future air usage upgrades of the facility.

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance Agreements

Our agreements are developed within your guidelines. Our service team comes to your facility and works with your team to develop a customized plan that will maintain your air compressor systems. These guidelines will show a list of what needs and be maintained. A maintenance schedule will be developed to meet your requirements.

Services include: Scheduled maintenance on air compressor system, air dryer system, line filters, and other system accessories. Standard maintenance packages will be developed showing costs of compressor oil, oil filters, air filter elements, and other disposable items will be shown, along with agreed upon labor rates.

These packages will also include oil sample programs, in which an oil sample will be taken in regular intervals to show oil and system integrity.

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Rental Services

Portable Generators


Our rental fleet of Baldor Generators is always maintained by our staff. Talk with us to find which one of our rental systems will help you get the job done.

Portable / Stationary Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressors

If your compressor goes down, need to blow out an irrigation system, or run a jackhammer - our portable air compressors will do the job to keep your company going.

Vibration / Leak Detection

Vibration leak detection

Our ultrasonic equipment will help you detect air leaks in your compressed air system. We offer a wide range of services that include Picture, and a Paragraph Leak Surveys as well as vibration analysis on any motor application.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Termal Imaging Camera

Using a thermal imaging device can show you troubled areas on equipment parts where heat builds such as bearings or loose electrical connections, and insulation breakdowns. This device can save your systems from unexpected failures.

About Us

When you buy our products you are buying our support. We support our customers 100% after the sale. We believe that our people are our most important asset. We are always sending our staff to seminars and schools to get the newest technology and techniques used in the systems that we work with. Always updating our equipment and process to new industry standards and practices.